Partners for Community Affiliated Agencies

The affiliate agencies of Partners for Community provide services and assistance to individuals in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico.

While their specific missions and areas of expertise differ, all Partners for Community affiliates are linked by the common goal of providing high quality services that enable all program participants to live with dignity and self-sufficiency.

New England Farm Workers’ Council (NEFWC)

Provides employment and family assistance programs, including fuel assistance, voucher daycare, family emergency shelter, homelessness prevention, and employment and training services to farm workers and other low-income individuals.

Corporation for Public Management (CPM)

Provides welfare-to-work programming, educational and employment services to young parents and day and residential programs for developmentally disabled adults.

Corporation for Justice Management (CJM)

Provides progressive community-based criminal justice programs that provide an alternative to incarceration for adults. CJM’s community re-entry programs are based on national and regional best practices. The assurance of public safety is at the forefront of every program offered.

New England Partners in Faith (NEPIF)

Provides sustainable development and capacity building to small, faith-based organizations.

Partners for Community Allied Organizations

In addition to the affiliates above, Partners for Community has developed strategic alliances with the following organizations:

Brightwood Development Corporation (BDC)

Provides economic and community development programs serving low-income persons and small businesses, many minority-owned, in the Springfield, Massachusetts, North End neighborhood.

Behavioral Health Network (BHN)

Provides help to individuals, families and communities to improve the quality of lives for those with behavioral health and developmental challenges in Western Massachusetts.


Provides “one stop” career center services in Hampden County, Massachusetts through the integration of a variety of employment and human service support functions and improving the future outlook for job seekers through job search and referral, job skills training, transitional assistance and similar job-centered services for individuals.

North End Educational Development Fund (NEEDS)

Provides scholarships to qualified low-income, minority youth from the North End of Springfield, Massachusetts and financial support to non-profit educational programs in the Springfield area.